The Best Property Management Companies in Bronx, NY

The Best Property Management Companies in Bronx, NY

We considered all 199 Property Management Companies in the Bronx area. We looked at all the data and analyzed these companies on costs, customer rating, reliability, and experience to identify the top 14.

Our Selection Criteria

Our goal is to connect property owners with the best property management company to ensure your investments continue to flourish. We scored property management companies on over 30 different variables to provide you a hand-picked list of the best property management companies in the Bronx area.

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  • 1. Reputation

    An extensive track record of reliable, honest service.

  • 2. Credibility

    Understands property laws and industry best practices.

  • 3. Experience

    Knowledge of your property to save you time and money.

  • 4. Professionalism

    Provides transparent, fair pricing and great communication.

The 14 Best Property Management Companies in Bronx

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Arista Management Associates, Inc.

3211 Bainbridge Avenue Bronx, NY 10467

Arista Management Associates is a real estate management company serving tenants and brokers in the Bronx community. Founded in 1950, this family-owned and operated firm manages about 1,000 apartment complexes and buildings throughout the Bronx and Manhattan. It generated almost $4 million in revenue in the first quarter of 2019. This property management company strives to keep its properties clean, vibrant and furnished with modern appliances. Arista makes it easy to view its extensive list of building locations and apply for a tenancy on its website or in person. A prequalification option is available online as well. Brokers can log on to a secure portal on Arista's website to access and manage accounts. Clients can contact Arista Management Associates by phone, fax or email. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

For almost seven decades, clients have trusted Arista to provide expertise in property management. One reviewer gave the company a 5-star rating, an indication of Arista's capable customer service. With such a large portfolio of properties under its care, Arista has a track record of successful relationships with tenants and brokers.

Bajraktari Management Corporation

617 East 188th Street Bronx, NY 10458

Bajraktari Realty Management Corporation is a multifaceted real estate company that operates in the development, investment and management of residential and commercial properties. It serves the Bronx, Manhattan and Yonkers areas and has managed over 70 properties since 1980. The company has also developed several residential properties in states New York and Florida as well as some commercial properties overseas. Aside from offering and managing residential and commercial properties for lease, Bajraktari Management also accepts tenants who are approved by Section 8 programs in New York City and Yonkers. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

Property residents commend Bajraktari Management for the staff's helpfulness and for keeping its managed properties well-maintained. One customer comments, "My daughter lived in a Bajraktari managed apartment while she attended Fordham university--overall we were very happy with the apartment and management team. Kelly was our point of contact the whole time and she was very helpful and responsive to our needs!! She always emailed me or called me back immediately with an answer or solution to our questions!!"

Bronxwood Realty

4149 Bronxwood Avenue Bronx, NY 10466

Bronxwood Realty helps residential and commercial real estate investors buy and sell as well as lease their properties. It specializes in managing properties in the Bronx and Lower Westchester areas. Managing all tenant relationships, it begins by finding new residents through advertising on the company website. The property managers here screen new applicants to ensure they qualify based on the income and background specifications owners require. Lease documents are prepared and signed with tenants by the courteous staff here, and all ongoing communications are handled in the office. Properties are well-maintained with its team of trusted contractors and when expensive issues arise, clients are given the opportunity to select from a pool of bids to help save money on needed repairs. Monthly financial statements are generated and delivered to owners by the diligent finance team. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

Satisfied clients leaving four-star reviews online didn't specify exactly why they like the services provided here. Having served the Bronx area since the 1990s, Bronxwood Realty has prided itself on serving commercial and residential property owners as well as tenants with outstanding customer service. This can be verified simply by noting the team's time serving the area.

Foxy Management

500 Trinity Avenue, Suite 1B Bronx, NY 10455

Foxy Management is a property management company specializing in affordable and supportive multifamily housing falling under LIHTC, Section 8 and HUD 202. Its property management services include routine and preventive maintenance, marketing and leasing, tenant and labor relations, security and violation management, revenue collection, audit preparation and periodic reporting to clients. Most of the apartments in the company's portfolio are subject to income and eligibility requirements, and the staff is well-versed on city and state rental subsidy compliance and the proper screening of prospective tenants. The company also undertakes affordable, supportive and senior housing development projects in partnership with a variety of government agencies, local officials, housing agencies and multinational banking institutions. Foxy Management is a member of the New York State Association for Affordable Housing and the Supportive Housing Network of New York. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

Online reviews show that Foxy Management has created fruitful partnerships with its clients. The team gets praised for its efficient service and for being hands-on, detail-oriented, hardworking and responsive to clients' concerns. One reviewer noted, "In addition to the delivery of outstanding property management services, Shelly and Jeff bring extensive experience and expertise to the table when issues arise that require more than mainstream analysis and action."

Jerome Associates

2800 Webster Avenue Bronx, New York 10458

Since 1986, Jerome Associates has provided professional property management services to tenants and landlords in over 1,000 apartments throughout the Bronx area. Along with providing ongoing building maintenance, the company screens each potential tenant through an in-person meeting and a thorough application review and approval process administered by its designated Rental Committee. The company's streamlined maintenance process begins with a tenant's repair request, which is quickly recorded, reviewed and dispatched to an on-site building manager to ensure that repairs and any other issues are resolved as quickly as possible. With the goal of helping tenants feel at-home in high quality apartments, a committee meets weekly to review upcoming property maintenance needs and building needs. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

Some of Jerome Associates' positive reviews may be attributed to its courteous staff, its rare policy of not requiring potential tenants to pay an application fee and its upfront rental application process where tenants can easily view what apartments are available to them that meet their income and needs.

JLP Metro Management

3397 East Tremont Avenue Bronx, NY 10461

Centrally located in Bronx, New York, JLP Metro Management is a full-service real estate management company serving clients in the five boroughs and lower Westchester. It provides day-to-day management of residential multiple dwellings, commercial properties, cooperatives and condominiums. Communication plays an important part in the company's management system, with customized communication plans and clear management reports keeping both residents and owners updated on any property issues. Manned by a team of professional staff with over 30 years of combined experience in the real estate industry and management field, the company delivers a comprehensive management program that includes market monitoring, rent collection and legal services, building inspections, preventive maintenance services, construction services, lease administration, accounting and financial reporting and collaboration with owners, tenants and vendors. Emergency services and a customer service call center are also available round-the-clock to promptly address issues. JLP Metro Management offers an initial assessment of properties with a walk-through inspection, documented with concise reports and complemented with researched recommendations. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

Clients described JLP Metro Management as a great management company and are impressed with the friendly, responsive and helpful staff. "Great company to work with. I'm a realtor, and this company processed all of my client applications very quickly," commented one reviewer.

LAL Property Management Corp

3190 Riverdale Avenue Bronx, NY 10463

Leslie A. Lerner, the president of LAL Property Management Corporation, has more than 30 years of experience designing, developing and managing rental property in the Bronx, Riverdale and Mount Vernon. The firm works with small, single-family homes or large, multiunit apartment buildings, helping find tenants and keep buildings in good repair and compliant with all local regulations. Leslie's experience as an architect is invaluable to property management and brings a wealth of local knowledge to each property under the LAL umbrella. Amenities like urban common areas and custom kitchens are common in LAL properties, and Mr. Lerner has a long history of success, earning the Community Development Award and is a Past-President of the Queens and Bronx Building Association. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

LAL Property Management Corporation spends its time interfacing with tenants and performing maintenance on managed properties. There are very few online reviews, but the awards won by the company president speak for themselves — Community Leadership Award, International Business Man of the Year and Corporate Leadership Award.

Langsam Property Services

1601 Bronxdale Avenue Bronx, NY 10462

Langsam Property Services is a real estate company originally established as the Ralph Langsam Associates in 1949 and later adopted its current name in 1993. It manages a large portfolio of housing and commercial units in various buildings located in Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and lower Westchester, New York. The company's full-service property management services include building maintenance, tenant screening and account management, legal services and financial management. Additionally, it maintains a full line of insurance coverage for the properties it manages, providing substantial savings to owners. The group has managed and renovated neglected housing units for the City of New York under the Private Ownership and Management Program, receiving the highest rating as a program participant. Langsam Property Services holds an Accredited Management Organization designation from the Chicago-based Institute of Real Estate Management. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

Comments on online reviews mention that the company's paperwork requirements are very clear and that the staff keeps clients posted and is quick to respond, willing to help in a timely manner and approachable. One client praised the professional and responsive building managers, saying, "Everyone I encountered there was very professional. Anytime I needed something fixed I received a response and it was done in a timely fashion."

Midas Property Management

3605 Sedgwick Avenue Bronx, NY 10463

Midas Property Management, Inc., manages rental properties, housing cooperatives and condominium buildings throughout New York City and Westchester County. This full-service rental agency covers the maintenance, routine inspections, rent collection and all leasing processes on behalf of property owners. It also takes care of all the legal aspects related to its managed properties, including appearances in landlord-tenant courts. Access to 24-hour 1-800 service is available to all tenants, and financial reports are sent monthly to owner clients. Through the company's website, tenants are able to pay rent online and easily request for maintenance services. To help maintain a consistent quality of service, Midas Property Management places high importance on communication through responsiveness with tenants and regular meetings with cooperative and condominium owners. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

Real estate owners who have worked with Midas Property Management for many years are pleased with the company's reliability and dedication. One client comments, "Midas Property Management is a fantastic company to work with. The staff (are) professional, knowledgeable and communicate well. They respond quickly to repairs or issues that arise in our development. Great work!"

Mirimar Management Corp

6114 Riverdale Avenue The Bronx, NY 10471

Mirimar Management Corp provides residential and commercial real estate brokerage and property management services to the Bronx area and surrounding boroughs. The licensed brokers here help property owners manage their tenants as well as their properties and finances. Advertising properties across a wide range of rental outlets, Operating in the area since 1948, it has local knowledge to help investors find the best tenants and charge the fairest rent rates based on market comparisons. Bilingual superintendents help owners ensure Hispanic residents feel welcome in these properties and tenants are able to communicate directly with management regarding any needs, including emergency maintenance services. All properties and grounds are regularly maintained by trusted local contractors and properties are routinely inspected to verify they are in great condition. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

This long-standing Bronx company doesn't have many reviews online, but the one satisfied customer on Google left them 4 stars out of 5 for their service rating. It is a member of the New York Real Estate Board as well as other local real estate agencies. Countless residents and business owners have trusted the management services of Mirimar Management Corp in the area since 1948.

Parkchester Property Management

64 Metropolitan Oval #13 Bronx, NY 10462

Parkchester Property Management serves Bronx and Parkchester area real estate investors with a full menu of management services. Owners appreciate the 24-hour emergency services if properties ever experience a maintenance emergency as well as access to regular maintenance and repairs as needed. On-site managers help tenants with any issues as they arise, helping Parkchester stay on top of investments and maintain a high level of communication with renters. The courteous managers perform inspections before move-in and after move-out to help owners recuperate the costs of any damages that occurred during the tenancy. The licensed agents here diligently research current market rates to suggest fair rental rates and use their local knowledge to advertise vacancies across in-person and internet markets to keep apartments filled. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

This family-owned company does not have a large web presence or many reviews. It does have many pictures online, however, of its work in the community. Beautifully maintained properties and numerous community charity events, such as the annual free community meals and charity raffle events, show its dedication to the Bronx area.

Prestige Management

1200 Zerega Avenue Bronx, New York 10462

With over 45 years' combined experience, the owners of Prestige Management provide thorough and professional commercial and residential management services. With an exceptional team of over 200 building maintenance staff, more than 70 administrative workers and highly specialized on-call consultants and attorneys, the company works hard to understand and exceed landlord and tenant needs. Services include managing a property's finances, providing building maintenance and administering vendor contracts and tenant leases. While improving a property's cash flow, Prestige Management strives to enhance each building's curb appeal through programs designed to prevent structural or equipment deterioration. The company's 24/7 operations center takes emergency calls around the clock to ensure urgent issues are handled as quickly as possible. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

One customer's rating reflects Prestige Management's mission of constantly working to develop and maintain positive relationships with tenants and property owners. Additionally, Prestige Management has been recognized as an "Outstanding Management Company" by the by the RAM Board of the Associated Builders and Owners of New York.

PWB Management Corp

3092 Hull Avenue Bronx, NY 10467

Founded in 1985, PWB Management Corporation offers property management services to Bronx, New York property owners. The firm focuses on large multiunit buildings and compliance. When the firm first opened, it managed a total of 13 buildings, all in the Bronx. Today, the company has expanded to include more than 40 properties throughout the five boroughs for a total of more than 2,000 units. Expertise handling tax credits and specialty housing helps maximize owner profits in a variety of areas, including senior housing and supportive housing. Property maintenance is part of the service and includes cost-saving measures like the installation of solar-powered hot water systems. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

PWB Management Corporation works with both tenants and landlords, with tenants saying, "The company has been very accommodating. We have a new super now as well. This will make a big difference!" Landlords appreciate the improvement to profit margins, noting, "These guys were very good at minimizing costs."

The Lemle & Wolff Companies

5925 Broadway Bronx, NY 10463

Founded in 1938, The Lemle & Wolff Companies started as a real estate management company catering to multifamily buildings in upper Manhattan. Eventually evolving into to full-service business that focuses on the construction, development and management of high-quality affordable housing, the group has developed and rehabilitated thousands of affordable apartments and now manages a large portfolio of housing units in New York City. Manned by a team of professionals with expertise in affordable housing program compliance, the company's property management division caters to nonprofit and for-profit building owners and specializes in affordable multifamily housing, condominiums and cooperatives located throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx. It strives to keep properties physically and financially healthy through strong tenant relations, cost-effective maintenance, efficient financial controls and technology-based operations using a property management software developed by Yardi. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

A reviewer praised the seamless process at The Lemle & Wolff Companies, saying "Love them. The application process was so easy and simple. The guide from Ms. Pena was the best part. She made sure that everything is simple." Other reviewers were impressed with the great staff, describing them as honest, very understanding, professional and helpful.

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