The Best Property Management Companies in San Jose, CA

The Best Property Management Companies in San Jose, CA

We considered all 261 Property Management Companies in the San Jose area. We looked at all the data and analyzed these companies on costs, customer rating, reliability, and experience to identify the top 34.

The Best Property Management Companies in San Jose, CA

Our Selection Criteria

Our goal is to connect property owners with the best property management company to ensure your investments continue to flourish. We scored property management companies on over 30 different variables to provide you a hand-picked list of the best property management companies in the San Jose area.

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  • 1. Reputation

    An extensive track record of reliable, honest service.

  • 2. Credibility

    Understands property laws and industry best practices.

  • 3. Experience

    Knowledge of your property to save you time and money.

  • 4. Professionalism

    Provides transparent, fair pricing and great communication.

The 34 Best Property Management Companies in San Jose

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A to B Property Management

1975 Hamilton Ave. #32 San Jose, CA 95125

As a full-service property management company, A to B Property Management provides real estate investors in Santa Clara County with comprehensive services ranging from initial property evaluation to the leasing process. It specializes in single and multi-family housing and is centralized in San Jose. Properties are advertised using professional photography and videos, and all applications are handled by the dedicated in-office leasing team. Prospective tenants are screened using credit, criminal, and rental history investigations, and the leasing team reaches out to references. The property management team shows properties, conducts inspections, and handles all paperwork in office, including financial statements and annual reports. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

Satisfied clients have left glowing reviews for A to B Property Management, such as this recent one on Google, “A to B Property Management has been one of the best property management companies we have worked with. I would recommend them to anyone who needs property management services … I am always impressed with their prompt follow through when issues arise and need attention.”

Aborn Properties

2660 John Montgomery Dr., Suite 1 San Jose, CA 95148

Serving the Santa Clara County area for over 40 years, Aborn Property Management offers specialized real estate services for residential and commercial property owners. The company has a full range of services for its clients, providing a hands-off investment management experience for busy owners. Its extensive portfolio of over 200 managed properties includes single-family homes, townhouses, condos, and apartment buildings in and around San Jose. With local knowledge and industry-leading tools, Aborn markets properties to a wide audience and responds to inquiries quickly to keep its vacancy rates low. The company handles all prospective tenant screenings and chooses new tenants carefully. Owners can use the online portal to access all statements and other documents 24/7, as well as other status reports. Tenants can pay rent and make maintenance requests online as well. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

Experienced investors trust Aborn Properties. One reviewer recently wrote, “I speak with the perspective of over forty years of investment property management across several states and numerous companies that have promised much but delivered less. My decade-plus association with Aborn has been financially sound, productive, and personally satisfying.”

Almaden Property Management

6472 Camden Ave., Ste. 205 San Jose, CA 95120

Almaden Property Management provides a full range of management services to property owners in the San Jose area. Helping owners manage their rental income, this company handles all aspects of renting, including communications with tenants, preparing the property to lease, and advertising. Repairs and maintenance are handled by the expert crew of contractors, including year-round landscaping and interior cleaning services. Properties are marketed through various outlets, and new tenants are screened quickly in office to ensure that vacancies are filled in record time. Tenants are encouraged to pay their rent on time, but in the event that eviction proceedings are needed, Almaden will help clients with paperwork and following through with the process to recover lost income. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

“I lived in one of their apartments for 6 years, the employees at Almaden Property Management were so great! Any time I had a question or needed something addressed, I would get a response and/or answer very quickly. The grounds were always kept so nice and it was clear they care very much about their properties and the people who live in them,” writes a tenant of one of Almaden Property Management’s properties.

Cal West Property Management

5589 Winfield Blvd, Suite 130 San Jose, CA 95123

Cal West Property Management provides property management services with cutting-edge technology to help clients with evolving portfolios access the most current features available to the leasing market. Cal West has served numerous years on the board for The National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) and maintains an A rating from the BBB. The company conducts a thorough assessment of each new property, as well as six-month surveys of every new resident to ensure that they are complying with property rules and maintenance programs. Cal West also provides extensive documentation — every available file, from financial reports to insurance papers, are available through the online portal. Clients’ properties are maintained diligently with local maintenance crews, who are licensed, bonded, and have negotiated rates for clients of Cal West. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

“Cal West has been working hard and diligently to get my property rented out. They have acknowledged my concerns and have kept me informed during the process. They have been very professional. I am pleased to know that they have my best interest(s) in mind and are working to get the right family to take care of our home. Thank you Cal West,” writes one client in an online review.

Cal-Western Property Management

1270 South Winchester Blvd., Suite 127 San Jose, CA 95128

Cal-Western Property Management offers a full range of management services to property owners in the San Jose area. Following regulations set by California Landlord/Tenant law, Cal-Western qualifies prospective tenants based upon a screening that includes landlord references, income verification, criminal background, and a credit check. Security deposits and rents are collected by the company. Properties are advertised online with help from the professional leasing team and include a detailed listing with pictures, for-rent signs where appropriate around the property, and an ad in The San Jose Mercury News and other papers as appropriate ...Read More

What customers are saying:

“Cal-Western has been managing our apartment complex for over 15 years. The staff is efficient, professional and available. They respond to tenants’ requests and problems in a timely manner. We have a cooperative working relationship with them, and payments to us and vendors are always made in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend them to anyone seeking help with property management,” writes one satisfied property owner.

Compass Management Group, Inc.

77 Las Colinas Lane San Jose, CA 95119

Compass Management Group, Inc. offers full-service property management to Bay Area investors and has a professional presence that adds value to property owners in the form of architectural control over new designs, board direction and attendance, and contractor liaison. Each client is given a unique email address and a full customer service staff so all new tenant and existing renter inquiries and maintenance needs are handled quickly with the highest levels of customer service. Cutting-edge leasing technologies are available to owners through the company's online portal, with board members available for advice, as well as an on-call association manager, for any problem that could come up. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

Property owners appreciate Compass Management Group’s prompt attention to problems, with one recent client writing, “This is a great management company! I always get a response by email within 24 hours or less. Never had a headache with anyone in the association. Dead possum? Send an email, gone the next day. Broken glass in the driveway between garages? Cleaned up in less than 24 hours. No complaints!”

Cornerstone Property Management

1190 S Bascom Ave. Suite 108 San Jose, CA 95128

The professional leasing team at Cornerstone Property Management helps Santa Clara County real estate investors keep their properties in excellent condition and drive in high levels of income. Dedicated to maintaining a worry-free experience for property owners, this company ensures that properties are in alignment with all local and federal landlord/tenant laws and works diligently to market online to a wide base of renters looking for their next home. Cornerstone also maintains relationships with highly qualified local vendors that provide maintenance and repair services at negotiated rates. The professional leasing team ensures that new rental applications are processed quickly and background checks are thorough and accurate to help guarantee the safety of the properties. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

According to one online reviewer, “Cornerstone has managed my rental property for nearly 20 years. They have been reliable, responsive and friendly. They keep me informed of any concerns about the property and I trust their advice and perspective. They hire qualified service professionals and their management fees are reasonable. Becky has given excellent service over many years.”

DKD Property Management

255 West Julian Street, Suite 301 San Jose, CA 95110

Serving the Bay Area since 1972, DKD Property Management provides a full menu of management services to real estate investors in the area, including advertising, communicating with and showing properties to potential renters, and dealing with all aspects of the leasing process. Properties are analyzed against current market trends to determine the best price to advertise properties, as well as provide valuable advice as to what improvements could occur to improve the investment value for property owners. DKD has a team of knowledgeable real estate experts who work to ensure that clients are well informed as to the current state of their financial and physical holdings, creating custom annual reports that are automatically delivered via email. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

Reviews for DKD Property Management are limited at this time.

DWM Properties

15760 Los Gatos Blvd. Los Gatos, CA 95032

Offering a full range of management services to in Santa Clara and San Mateo County, DWM Properties has programs that are tailored to work for the casual homeowner, landlord, or investor. It manages over 300 residential homes of all sizes, from single family to large apartment buildings. DWM specializes in renting to high-quality renters and begins the process by thoroughly evaluating the property to determine the best rental rate and advertising strategy. It recommends cosmetic or structural repairs that could be made in order to maximize renting potential, in addition to providing trusted contractors to deliver quality work at a negotiated rate. Once the properties are on the market, inquiring renters communicate with DWM, whose leasing team works diligently to process applications and background checks quickly. Rent and security deposits are collected by DWM, and all leasing paperwork and ongoing communications are handled by the property managers, so owners can enjoy a stress-free experience. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

“I very much enjoyed working with the team at DWM Properties! My issues are always taken care of and they are a pleasure to work with. Kira is fantastic. It is nice to know you have someone looking out for you and the rental/owner,” writes a satisfied client of DWM Properties.

Excellence Property Management

1174 Lincoln Avenue #9 San Jose, CA 95125

Serving Santa Clara county, Excellence Property Management provides full real estate management services to local property owners. It also manages an online portal with all financial documents, leases, and property records for owners to access 365 days a year. Security deposits, rents, and other financials are quickly and securely deposited to owners’ bank accounts via secure EFT payments. Excellence Property Management charges a low flat rate of 8 percent of total investment income brought in from managed properties. The expert marketing team provides industry-specific knowledge combined with a vast web presence to create a dynamic marketing plan for properties, and the leasing team thoroughly screens all potential renters to help ensure that the client's property is as protected as possible from damages and other tenant issues. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

Serving Santa Clara county, Excellence Property Management provides full real estate management services to local property owners. It also manages an online portal with all financial documents, leases, and property records for owners to access 365 days a year. Security deposits, rents, and other financials are quickly and securely deposited to owners’ bank accounts via secure EFT payments. Excellence Property Management charges a low flat rate of 8 percent of total investment income brought in from managed properties. The expert marketing team provides industry-specific knowledge combined with a vast web presence to create a dynamic marketing plan for properties, and the leasing team thoroughly screens all potential renters to help ensure that the client's property is as protected as possible from damages and other tenant issues.

Fireside Property Management

2111 Lincoln Ave San Jose, CA 95125

Fireside Property Management provides a full range of services to property owners in the San Jose area. It performs an initial inspection of each property to help determine the best market rate, as well as to take professional photographs and videos, which are posted on the company's website. Owners are given access to the online portal, where they can view their financial documents and annual statements at any time. Fireside’s system also automatically updates owners regarding the status of their maintenance orders. Communication with all contractors, as well as ongoing conversations with tenants, is handled directly by the property management team. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

According to a recent online review of Fireside Property Management, “They take care of the property without bothering me about stuff. We gave them parameters and they have stuck to them. They get us the check on time. If they need to talk, they always contact and ask when a good time is. They are all around great.”

Golden State Property Management

4340 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Suite 167 San Jose, CA 95129

Golden State Property Management provides top-tier management services for various types of retail and residential property investors in the Santa Clara, San Mateo, and Santa Cruz counties. The extensive portfolio at Golden State includes condominiums, single-family homes, apartment buildings, and commercial strip malls. Top realty advisors are available to help direct property owners toward choices that will maximize their cash flow, as well as help owners in need of financial repairs. Investments are protected through several means, namely tenant screenings and ongoing property maintenance efforts. AppFolio is used to advertise vacancies quickly and reach the widest audience, in addition to allowing for interested tenants to apply and for existing tenants to make maintenance requests right from their smartphones. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

“Kent is professional and savvy as well as friendly and accommodating; his efforts went well beyond what we expected and his help has been invaluable. Kudos likewise to his colleague Damon, whose prompt response to concerns is very much appreciated. Hats off to them!” writes one very satisfied client of Golden State Property Management.

Gower Properties

164 N. Bascom Avenue, Suite B San Jose, CA 95128

At Gower Properties, property owners’ investments are properly managed by a dedicated team of real estate professionals. With over 40 years of experience in the area, Gower Properties manages investments for local property owners to ensure a high return on investment. They have managed over 150 properties and are experts at handling both expected and unanticipated needs that commonly arise in properties. Gower has a proven track record of quick turnarounds on vacant properties, as well as communication and maintenance requests from owners and tenants ...Read More

What customers are saying:

“We no longer rent from Gower's, but when we did, they were awesome. Not once did we ever have problems with them. They were always so friendly and always on top of everything. I would definitely refer them to anyone that's dependable,” writes one online. Another writes, “Very responsive, moved in right away, a few minor issues upon moving in but were resolved quickly. House we moved into was recently remodeled, nice neighborhood, great rates. Would definitely recommend renting through Gower!”

Intempus Property Management

1900 The Alameda Ste 100 San Jose, CA 95126

Intempus Property Management provides a comprehensive suite of award-winning property management services to our clients, along with remodeling, maintenance, and real estate sales and investment services. With over $2 Billion in assets under management, we have been proudly serving clients in the states of California and Indiana, including the extended San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and the California Central Valley, for over 15 years. Intempus always puts our clients’ interests first, and as a result, we consistently receive excellent client reviews and top rankings from independent review sites. We handle every detail of the property management process, so you continue to receive premium service. Whether it’s with 24-hour phone support for our clients and tenants, a high-tech portal to handle payments and maintenance requests, unbeatable vendor pricing or our extremely thorough tenant screening process, our goal is to make your life easier as we maximize the return from your property investment. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

“My experience with Intempus has been wonderful! They are a property management company that I've enjoyed working with, and I would like to give my wholehearted recommendation to everyone. Intempus is a property management company that looks out for the good of the property. I've been happy throughout the whole process! Thank you for managing our property the way you have!”

Matusich and Raich Real Estate Services

2940-C Union Ave San Jose, CA 95124

Matusich & Raich (M&R) Real Estate Services has over 40 years of top-tier management experience in the Bay Area real estate industry. It specializes in managing all sizes of residential homes, from small homes and condos to apartment buildings, as well as industrial buildings in the Santa Clara Valley, and has an impressive portfolio of over $1 billion of property worth in the area. Property owners receive a free rental analysis, where their property is compared against the current market and the best rental rates are determined. M&R creates and maintains a network of stellar contractors who keep properties maintained at negotiated rates and are available for any emergency. In addition to property maintenance, security is ensured by regularly scheduled property visits and extensive new tenant screenings. The efficient office staff process applications that include screenings for rental history, criminal background, and credit score. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

“Cindy has been very helpful and responsive. When we remodeled our townhome, she was instrumental in getting the job done. I appreciated her input on what items to replace and with what appliances to use,” writes one client, happy with the expert advice received at Matusich & Raich Real Estate Services.

Metro Property Management

6081 Meridian Ave. Suite 70-132 San Jose, CA 95120

Metro Property Management provides a customizable service plan to Bay Area property owners. Its professional leasing team is dedicated to maximizing owner income through minimizing vacancies, reducing expenses, and adding value to clients’ properties. The Metro portfolio includes real estate owned by overseas investors and tech companies throughout the Bay Area. Customizable services include direct deposit or income to the owner's bank, monthly reporting, eviction assistance from a real estate attorney, and licensed processes. Metro also provides ongoing maintenance services and as-needed repairs with its skilled maintenance crew. Services are designed to be affordable to small investors, as well as extremely high quality. In addition, Metro Property Management offers a no-obligation consultation for interested clients. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

Clients of Metro Property Management appreciate the peace of mind they get with this company, as one writer posted on Google, “I now have a life … They are very diplomatic in resolving problems and complaints. My rents now come in on time, and they raised the rents to make sure I am getting the right amount. I am very pleased with Metro Property Management.”

Miller & Hinkle Property Management, Inc.

2007 W. Hedding St., Suite 202 San Jose, CA 95128

Miller & Hinkle Property Management’s full-service offerings focus on maintaining the health of investments and relationships with clients and its network of service partners. The team of personal property managers, maintenance technicians and supervisors, financial advisors, and bookkeepers help property owners rest assured that only the most highly qualified and professional hands are helping with their properties. The property managers act as a pair of eyes on investments at all times, ensuring quick fixes to any maintenance issues. All clients have access to an in-depth market analysis, which helps make sure the rent rates align with current local standards and are competitive, as well as fair, for the owner. In addition to these income-savings tactics, Miller & Hinkle doesn’t charge leasing, set-up, or management fees until the property is rented. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

One recent online review of Miller & Hinkle Property Management reads, “I have a property being managed by Miller & Hinkle for over 4 years now, and they have been really helpful and professional. In my experience, they are very responsive to any issues and take care to try to fix them the best way possible. I recommend them highly for both owners and tenants.”

NorCal Property Management, Inc.

1900 Camden Ave, Suite 101 San Jose CA 95124

The goal of the professional leasing team at NorCal Property Management is to provide its clients with the best services possible when it comes to managing their properties. With the help of AppFolio, the property managers are able to effectively list and advertise properties to a wide audience of potential renters, as well as give interested renters the opportunity to easily apply for an apartment online with their smartphones. The built-in rental comparison tool also helps maximize revenue for investors. This family-owned and-operated company is dedicated to providing its clients with personalized service that lets investors feel that NorCal has a stake in their investments. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

“The owner, David, is very professional. He is very flexible when issues arise. He coordinates to have plumbers or electricians resolve problems that occur even on weekends. I am very pleased with his services and recommend his company for your renting needs,” writes an online reviewer of NorCal Property Management.

Orvick Management Group, Inc.

1965 O'Toole Way San Jose, CA 95131

The pros at Orvick Management Group (OMG) concentrate on giving their clients peace of mind with top-tier management services. The company handles the leasing process from start to finish. Properties are initially analyzed and inspected to ensure accuracy in security deposits, as well as to give clients the opportunity to improve their properties. All ongoing maintenance needs, as well as repairs that occasionally arise, are directed by OMG, who hires only the most qualified and well-insured vendors, including an in-house handyman. Emergency repair services are available 24/7 for all clients. In order to ensure a timely turnover rate for empty units, OMG coordinates all move-out processes, including repairs and new tenant cleaning, painting, and carpet shampooing. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

“I have 3 buildings and have been working with Orvick Management for over 10 years. They are top notch. They have great follow-thru, good communications, and the buildings, however old, are in great shape. Ken Orvick manages a good crew and it shows!” exclaims one happy client in a recent review.

PMI South Bay

2570 N 1st St, 2nd Floor San Jose, CA 95131

PMI South Bay is dedicated to providing a full menu of services to property owners in need of a helping hand with their investments. The company can create and manage boards for investors, as well as pay bills on time, work with vendors, and maintain compliance with all governmental document requirements and other statutes. A community manager is assigned to each property, helping coordinate relationships between landlords and tenants, as well as maintain a constant eye on the properties with the ability to respond quickly to any emergencies. PMI uses customized software to generate automatic monthly reports for owners and provide access to all documents through any company location. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

Clients appreciate the comprehensive services provided by PMI South Bay. One testimonial reads, "Our board has been very pleased with the management of our community by PMI. They are responsive to our needs, and our finances have improved substantially since we hired them. They provide training to board members on our duties and responsibilities and explain the new laws and how they affect us.”

Portfolio Realty Management, Inc.

4020 Moorpark Ave Suite 218 San Jose, CA 95117

Portfolio Realty Management helps commercial property owners manage their properties with crystal-clear accounting practices and prompt attention to clients’ needs. The company manages all aspects of the commercial leasing process and assists investors with property acquisition, sales, and financing. Tenant communications are handled by Portfolio Realty, from initial lease negotiation and signing to rent and security deposit collection, as well as ongoing notices that may need to be delivered to a tenant. Monthly distributions of rent proceeds are directly deposited into clients’ accounts, and ongoing 120-day statements are available to assist owners with forecasting cash flow and to facilitate financial improvement planning. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

No reviews are available for this Portfolio Realty Management, Inc. at this time

Presidential Real Estate

268 E Hamilton Ave. Suite D Campbell, CA 95008

Serving Santa Clara county, Presidential Real Estate provides comprehensive management services to small and medium-sized investors. The real estate team works diligently to maximize their clients’ return on investment, keep tenant turnover rates low, and provide proactive maintenance services that include 24/7 emergency maintenance service and customer service. Presidential maintains a network of diligent contractors that provide yearly inspections, proactive maintenance services, and available upgrades to properties, all at negotiated rates without kickbacks or added fees. All aspects of leasing are handled for investors, with the properties being advertised through various outlets and new tenant inspections, documents, and ongoing communications being taken care of by the leasing staff. Owners also appreciate Presidential’s dedication to transparency, with monthly and yearly income reports, budget forecasts, and customized yearly investment market analysis. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

“John provides great service! He helped us several times during the years to rent our house out (the latest one being this month when the market is seasonally slow), and each time both us and the tenants are very happy! The team is professional and trustworthy. They are also very good at keeping up with the new laws and regulations so both the tenants' rights and our rights are respected and protected,” raves one recent reviewer of Presidential Real Estate

Provident Property Management

1035 Minnesota Ave, Ste C San Jose, CA 95125

Provident Property Management provides all-inclusive real estate services to San Jose property investors, including all aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship. Prospective tenants are thoroughly screened by the professional leasing team, a process that involves a background check that includes criminal history, credit score, previous landlord references, and income verification. All leases are created in house, and the condition of the property is carefully documented so when a renter leaves, all damages can be properly accounted for. Provident has an economically-minded rate structure and is dedicated to saving owners money by negotiating rates for services from contractors, in addition to keeping their own service fees competitively low. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

Property owners leave positive reviews for Provident Property Management because of its dedication to owner satisfaction. One such review reads, “[The property manager] and her team found responsible tenants, who treated my place very well — so well in fact, that when it came time to sell it, we hardly had to do any maintenance, and only minor cleaning. Susan kept me in the loop on all repairs over the years, and on all tenant changes.”

Real Property Management Select San Jose

1060 Willow Street, Suite 5 San Jose, CA 95125

The specialized real estate team at Real Property Management (RPM) helps property owners in the Bay Area with all aspects of managing their property investments. Owners can relax as RPM prepares their accounting and tax paperwork every year, including customized statements. They are able to access all documents online, and tenants are able to pay their bills there as well. Properties are well maintained, with 24/7 maintenance and repair services available, and tenants are screened carefully to help ensure that they will take care of properties. Potential renters are able to access photographs of properties and virtual video tours, adding value to the investment’s online presence. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

“We have been very much impressed with RPM as our property managers. Their accounting department, particularly Matt Munsee, as kept us informed, answered any billing questions we have had and guided through the automatic deposit process. Keep up the good work,” enthuses one online reviewer.

Reliable Property Management

1650 Zanker Road, Suite 100 San Jose, CA 95112

Since 2005, Reliable Property Management has been a 100% woman-owned and operated full service property management company. We manage commercial, residential and commercial owners associations. Reliable currently manages properties around the Bay Area, Stanislaus County, and Nevada County. Our company’s mission statement is “Elevating property management standards in serving our owners, tenants, and community with the highest level of respect, unquestionable reliability, and integrity.” We specialize in commercial properties and our focus is on enhancing asset value through leasing and management decisions, as well as providing our clients with the information they need to understand the financial and physical condition of their properties. Our fully networked staff provides full service facilities management; we are able to recommend and implement preventative maintenance programs and protocols, working continually to improve the appearance, efficiency and safety of each property. All of our tenants have access to our 24-hour emergency call line. We tailor our management around the needs of the property and work closely with each client to ensure that the owner’s objectives for the asset are met or exceeded. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

"Reliable Property Management has been excellent in the management of our property. Their staff is very responsive and totally experienced in managing every aspect pertaining to our office building. We are very satisfied clients."

Silver Creek Valley Properties

5655 Silver Creek Valley Rd., San Jose, CA 95138

Silver Creek Valley Properties provides expertise both to real estate investors and homeowners looking for help managing and selling their properties. It gives clients valuable advice on how to prepare homes for listings, in addition to creating listings and marketing the property online. Silver Creek assesses the property and provides detailed recommendations, as well as connections to trusted contractors to help carry out any improvements and repairs. New applications are screened quickly and thoroughly by the office staff, and all rent and security deposit collections are handled in a timely manner, with a focus on accounting. This company has a flat set-up fee of $395 and charges 8 percent on income for managed properties. There is a low vacancy fee of $125 a month, with no set-up fee for new residents. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

A recent property owner wrote a glowing review of Silver Creek Valley Properties, stating that the professional leasing team is “quick to respond and significantly cheaper than more mainstream alternatives.” Another client writes, “We just renewed the house with new tenants. The whole process was seamless and trouble-free.”

Swenson Property Management

9260 Alcosta Blvd. San Ramon, CA 94583

Swenson Property Management is a full service property management company focusing on residential investment property in the Diablo Valley and Silicon Valley. They provide rental preparation, marketing, screening, rent collections, tenant insurance, and repairs to make your property a success. Check out to get more information and referrals for their services on Yelp or Google. In addition, they provide the following benefits: $100,000 Tenant Insurance against tenant caused damages. Tenants can pay rent conveniently online. Owner distribution via direct deposit. Certified Property Manager (CPM) taking care of your property. Video Tour and pictures to gain the most exposure and ensure safe social distancing. Locally owned and operated. Member of the Institute of Real Estate Management and Association of Realtors. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

“Swenson Property Management did a superb job juggling the complexities of renting and then managing my home prior to selling it. Craig is thorough, straightforward and effective. I highly recommend his firm,” writes one client. Another review reads, “We've worked with Craig for well over 5 years now. As new landlords, we turned to Swenson PM and never looked back. His calm professional demeanor and knowledge of rental markets have really served us well.”

Tenant Planet

2033 Gateway Place Ste 550 San Jose, CA 95110

Tenant Planet provides fully-inclusive property management services to real estate investors in the San Jose area. The company helps owners by advertising their properties and communicating with potential tenants throughout the leasing process. Rent is collected and accounting done by the efficient in-office leasing team, who also ensures that all records are available to owners at all times through the online owner portal. Properties are kept in pristine condition due to thorough maintenance services and stringent tenancy policies that ensure that buildings are treated as well as possible. Tenants are also able to utilize the online portal to easily pay their rents, and income is automatically deposited into the owners' bank accounts. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

“Working with Holly was one of the best experiences I ever had, as she was extremely diligent, communicative and VERY responsive from her service. I am so glad to have received her help, as she was knowledgeable in the real estate market and understood the techniques to successfully market my listings. I HIGHLY recommend Holly at Tenant Planet, she is the best!” raves one satisfied client in a recent review.

The Posada Group, Inc.

2130 The Alameda San Jose, San Jose 95126

The Posada Group offers premium management services to San Jose property owners, handling all aspects of the leasing process. Properties are evaluated by the professional real estate team, and a marketing plan is designed that showcases the best features to attract the highest quality tenant. Interested renters are carefully screened using state-of-the-art technology to determine who would be the best fit for a client’s needs. All background screenings, including criminal, rental, and credit histories, are completed in office by the dedicated realty staff, in addition to all lease preparation and signing processes. Investors are also welcome to utilize the group’s real estate team to purchase new properties. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

Clients who have left reviews online say they appreciate the leasing staff at The Posada Group. As one recent review reads, “Professional and knowledgeable team! I know my properties are in great hands. I worked hard for these investments and wouldn't pass them along to just anyone. Bill & Daniela are wonderful.”

Valley Management Group

1625 The Alameda #707 San Jose, CA 95126

The professionals at Valley Management Group help property owners manage their investments, find tenants, and handle all paperwork and office procedures associated with leasing. Rentals are advertised online through numerous outlets, and prospective tenants are shown properties by the management team. The pros here handle all rent collection and security deposits, as well as deal with trusted contractors and provide 24/7 emergency service. Monthly statements, as well as rent payments, are sent to owners automatically. Properties are inspected thoroughly prior to leasing, both to document existing damage, as well as to analyze the state of the building and find any potential upgrades that could lead to a better income for the property owner. In addition to finding ways to save owners money and add physical value to properties, this company does not charge a monthly management fee until a tenant is in place. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

Customers of Valley Management Group appreciate the company’s transparency. According to one recent review, “The service they provide is convenient and straightforward. They take care of business and let me know if there is anything I need to be notified of. Everyone has always been professional, courteous, and pleasant to work with. I have not had any problems with Valley Management Group and will continue to use their services in the future.”

Western Property Group

1050 Saratoga Ave San Jose, CA 95129

Serving the entire Santa Clara Valley for 35 years, Western Property Group (WPG) manages residential and commercial real estate for busy property owners, from apartment complexes to office buildings. The leasing agents provide a comprehensive market analysis to determine the best marketing strategy and rent rates to charge, then lists the property online through various outlets. WPG’s multi-faceted marketing plan includes a virtual tour of the property, showing the property to interested tenants, and placing for-rent signs around the premises. WPG handles screenings of new tenants and processes applications and background checks in office to ensure a speedy move-in process. New leases include move-in and periodic inspections and a checklist to use during the move-out inspection to verify that the property is in good condition and that any damages are recovered for the owner. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

“I have worked with Western Property Group for many years. Their team is dedicated, responsive and they define a good partner. Western is also a leader in the technology space. Offering their renters a seamless online solution to enhance the leasing experience, which is huge today,” writes one reviewer, pleased with the technology employed by Western Property Group.

Westwood Properties

55 S 6th St. San Jose, CA 95112

Westwood Properties helps clients in the San Jose area manage their properties with stellar customer service and immaculate cleanliness. This company focuses on apartment buildings, striving to provide top-of-the-line customer service to both tenants and property owners. The welcoming property management team gives attention to detail in inspections and documentation and dedication to problem-solving. Westwood helps owners and tenants find the best options possible for their respective problems. Properties are valued for their unique qualities, and the company is enthusiastic about providing services that are dedicated to each individual’s goals and expectations, as well as the comfort of the tenants. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

Recent reviews online appreciate the professional property managers at Westwood Properties, with one reviewer writing, “As property managers, I believe Jodi and Lee to be very fair and professional. Danny is another friendly face around Westwood properties who is always very efficient when it comes to repairs and maintenance. This has to be the apartment complex with the best staff thus far. I feel that they do a good job at fostering a very welcoming environment for their tenants.”

Zell Associates, Inc.

1777 Hamilton Avenue San Jose, CA 95125

With over 40 years of experience and 150 rental units owned, Zell Associates provides expertise to San Jose property owners who need help managing their investments. This company provides high-end services to a range of investors, from owners of small family homes to those with large real estate portfolios. Zell works to keep vacancies low and income high, starting from the initial advertising period and all the way throughout the lease. It provides investment and risk management, as well as coordination of acquisition and sales when needed. All property investors appreciate the company’s dedication to providing a comprehensive management experience. All aspects of leasing are taken care of by Zell Associates, as is marketing, maintenance, and financial record maintenance. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

“I refer my clients to Zell Associates for their property management needs. The staff has always been responsive and my client's properties have always been well maintained. There are many property management companies out there, but none are as professional and on top of things as Zell Associates,” writes one recent client.


1550G Tiburon Blvd. #343 Tiburon, CA 94920

Ziprent’s mission is to provide full-service packages to local property owners at transparent and competitive rates. For only $95 a month, property owners can utilize their excellent management services, with tenant placement priced at a flat rate of only $950. Ziprent has created a streamlined inquiry process, saving themselves and their clients money by allowing tenants to schedule their own viewings by providing them a code to the property’s lockbox so they can view it. It also automatically generates a lease customized to fit the client's predetermined requirements and property details. The entire process is set up to occur in as little as 24 hours. The professional leasing team verifies that tenants are qualified to rent by performing a thorough background check, including credit history. Tenants can easily find apartments to rent because Ziprent advertises on various outlets and uses professional photographers to help interested renters see the best aspects of properties. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

“Ziprent was amazing. They created the online listing and had our house rented within 48 hours of it being posted. I would recommend them for anyone who is looking for tenants,” proclaims one client’s review, satisfied with Ziprent’s dedication to quick turnarounds on vacant properties.

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