The Best Property Management Companies in Reno, NV

The Best Property Management Companies in Reno, NV

We considered all 154 Property Management Companies in the Reno area. We looked at all the data and analyzed these companies on costs, customer rating, reliability, and experience to identify the top 21.

The Best Property Management Companies in Reno, NV

Our Selection Criteria

Our goal is to connect property owners with the best property management company to ensure your investments continue to flourish. We scored property management companies on over 30 different variables to provide you a hand-picked list of the best property management companies in the Reno area.

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  • 1. Reputation

    An extensive track record of reliable, honest service.

  • 2. Credibility

    Understands property laws and industry best practices.

  • 3. Experience

    Knowledge of your property to save you time and money.

  • 4. Professionalism

    Provides transparent, fair pricing and great communication.

The 21 Best Property Management Companies in Reno

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Action Properties

675 West Moana Lane, Suite 200 Reno, NV 89509

Unlike some other property management companies, Action Properties is exclusively a property management company, meaning that they're experts on the Reno market for leasing and landlord-tenant regulations. For owners, Action Properties will carefully select good tenants, inspect the property, handle all maintenance needs and even evict if need be. For tenants, they can rest assured that their representative will guide them to a well-kept home and won't try to sell them a house, instead of finding the right rental unit. A user-friendly portal makes it easy for tenants to pay rent and landlords to receive their money on time. In addition, this online portal can be used by tenants to request repairs and maintenance. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

No written reviews at this time.

Alder Properties

2470 Wrondel Way, Suite 200 Reno, NV 89502

Alder Properties manages a diverse portfolio of single-family homes, duplexes, condos, and townhomes to help Reno residents find just the right accommodations. For landlords, whether they have a single income property or several, the company offers professional property management services, including collecting rent, filling vacancies, managing move-in and move-out inspections, and even evictions if necessary. For over 30 years, the company has been connecting buyers with sellers and landlords with high-quality residential and commercial tenants in the Reno-Sparks area. Alder Properties can also help real estate investors expand their portfolio, using specialized software and their deep knowledge of the community. The professional team has in-depth knowledge of the market here and focuses on making the greatest profit for homeowner clients. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

The hallmark of Alder Properties service is the care that they take with every home, treating each one as if it were their own.

Britt Management Group

3392 Lakeside Court Reno, NV 89509

Britt Management has decades of property management experience in the greater Reno area and uses that knowledge to help landlords maximize their profits by finding new investment properties and good tenants for their existing portfolio. Its comprehensive property management service includes regular inspection while the property is occupied as well as facilitating move-out inspections and assessing any damages. Britt will handle all the financial aspects of the leasing process, from drawing up the documents to collecting rent through a tenant portal that allows online payments. Any fees or evictions are also handled through the company, allowing the landlord to have one less worry. The company is also familiar with many of the by-laws of local HOAs ...Read More

What customers are saying:

No written reviews at this time.

Clark Real Estate Property Management

305 West Moana Lane Reno, NV 89509

Clark Real Estate is a property management company owned by two brothers who developed their passion for Reno real estate under the tutelage of their father. This company has a wide range of homes for those looking for a rental home in the Reno-Sparks metro area. Some of their featured properties are brand new houses in the north part of the city, close to schools and nearby shopping districts. The team works with property owners large and small, using their life-long connections in the Reno real estate community to quickly match owners with great tenants. For tenants who lease through Clark Real Estate, an online portal to pay rent or request maintenance or repairs makes their tenant responsibilities simple. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

Speedy response to maintenance requests and thoughtful assistance finding a rental home make Clark Brothers popular with their tenants. One in particular remarks, "I refer Clark to all my friends and family all the time! When I started looking for a place to move the staff was always very patient with me and my pickiness.

C|K Property Management

500 Damonte Ranch Parkway, #625 Reno, NV, 89521

C|K Property Management offers value-added services for landlords that include property showings, tenant selection, and overall financial oversight including rent collection, assessing fees and eviction, if needed. The company is locally owned and operated and works with both residential and commercial property owners to find great tenants and maximize owner profit. The company conducts periodic inspections of the homes and commercial sites to ensure that the property is well-maintained. For tenants, Johnson Property Management offers around-the-clock emergency service for repairs, prompt fixing of routing issues and a simple-to-use portal to pay rent online. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

No written reviews at this time.

Dickson Rental Management

500 Damonte Ranch Parkway Reno, NV 89521

The Martin Real Estate Team Nevada of Dickson Realty is made of a husband and wife team that welcomes new residents to the Reno-Sparks area, guiding them to purchasing a new home or finding an ideal rental property. For landlords, The Martin Real Estate Team offers complete property management services, from quickly filling vacancies and vetting tenants to responding to emergency repair calls and making sure that property maintenance needs are cared for promptly. For tenants, the online payment portal allows them to pay rent on time using a bank card or e-check as well as submitting maintenance tickets or browse for other homes. The team's knowledge of proper leasing laws can save landlords time and hassles. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

Positive, energetic and timely responses and professional execution of real estate transactions are some of the most positive aspects of working with Dickson Management. Says one happy client, "Without hesitation, we would highly recommend your service to anyone who is looking for an experienced Realtor who cares about getting things done and doing them right!"

Diversified Property Management

3386 Lakeside Court Reno, NV 89509

Established in 1974 as a complete property management company in Reno, Diversified Property Management has spent decades learning about the intricacies of the Reno area real estate market. From apartment complexes to single-family homes and office spaces, the team at Diversified is committed to matching landlords and tenants into the best lease relationship possible. Services from the company include reducing vacancies through advertising and verifying tenants, as well as creating lease agreements and collecting all money. Comprehensive reports are given to the property owner each month along with their profits. For maintenance and repairs, tenants can contact Diversified through a client portal and can be confident that even emergencies will be handled swiftly. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

No written reviews at this time.

Gaston & Wilkerson

4751 Caughlin Parkway Reno, NV 89519

Property owners have many different options for services from Aston & Wilkerson. Tenant services include online rent payment and maintenance ticket submissions, and the professional team at Gaston & Wilkerson is committed to only handling rental properties in good condition. For property owners, brokerage services, receiverships and estate execution services are available. The company also works with multi-family establishments and HOAs, ensuring that community spaces are well-maintained. Tenants are carefully screened, and lease agreements are drawn up following landlord-tenant laws. All financial transactions go through Gaston & Wilkerson, including eviction when necessary. Should an investor wish to increase their holdings or sell them off, the company can facilitate buying and selling as well. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

No written reviews at this time.

Hallmark Investments & Management

575 E. Plumb Lane, #200 Reno, NV 89502

Since 1988, Hallmark has been one of the premier full-service property management companies in the greater Reno area. It handles both commercial and residential leases, including selecting the right tenants, managing the finances for property owners and ensuring that all interactions are per landlord-tenant laws. Repairs can be requested by tenants through an online portal, and emergent, around-the-clock repairs are handled through Hallmark, removing the worry from the property owner. Rent may be paid through an easy-to-use tenant portal, also. Through its experience and expertise, the team at Hallmark has become very knowledgeable about what makes a good investment property. They're able to guide investors to new holdings when requested. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

No written reviews at this time.

Nevada Commercial Services

1475 Terminal Way, Suite A Reno, NV 89502

Nevada Commercial Services manages nearly 5 million square feet of commercial space, including storage units and industrial spaces, as well as retail and office space. Its expertise in finding the right commercial clients for property owners helps keep spaces full of good tenants and can help owners increase their real estate holdings. Part of the commercial services from the company include tenant improvement solutions and receiverships. It also handles all the financial aspects of commercial rental, presenting monthly financial reports and a check to the owner. Responsible administrative management is important, including prompt response to repairs and maintenance not only to keep the property in good repair but also to reduce any liability the owner has. Commercial tenants can submit work orders through an online portal. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

No written reviews at this time.

New Dimensions

5301 Longley Lane, #3A Reno, NV 89511

Complete property management services with New Dimensions begins with property showings, interviewing and background checking tenants and drawing up documents for lease. The company handles all financial aspects of the lease for the landlord, in accordance with what tenant-landlord regulations. As the property owner, you'll be free from personally collecting rent, as well as making the repairs on the house, condo or commercial property, including emergency and after-hours fixes. For tenants, the thorough professionalism of New Dimensions means that they can be confident that their rental property is in good repair and will be well-maintained. Should an investor wish to increase or diversify their income property profile, New Dimensions can also help them acquire more properties. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

No written reviews at this time.

PMI Reno

63 Keystone Avenue, Suite 104 Reno, NV 89503

PMI Reno is a comprehensive real estate service, connecting tenants with quality rental properties, helping landlords buy or sell income properties and even conducting estate executor service for families. Property management services for landlords include completing maintenance and repairs on the home, collecting rent and cutting a check for the income received. For homeowners associations, PMI manages the overall appearance and upkeep of community spaces and ensures that standards are followed and dues collected. For those seeking a rental home in the Reno area, the intuitive web portal at PMI lets potential tenants view properties and schedule tours, pay their rent on time and submit repair tickets. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

Maximizing owner profit and streamlining the property rental service for Reno clients are two of the things satisfied customers have to say about PMI. Full-service screening of both residential and commercial tenants ensures that each property is well-taken care of.

Real Property Management Corazon

254 Vassar Street Reno, Nevada 89502

Begin with a free assessment of your rental property, whether you own a single-family home or a multi-family apartment complex. Real Property Management can help landlords maximize their profits and reduce vacancies by pricing at the right point, finding the best tenants and streamlining the rental payment process. Services for owners include full management of the home, including after-hours emergencies, maintenance requests and processing rent payments, and presenting owners with a statement each month. For tenants, the fast response time for repairs and the ease with which the online portal allows rent payments makes leasing with Real Property Management a breeze. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

In the words of one satisfied owner, "It’s always a pleasure dealing with RPM Corazon. They handle all the work accordingly and the most professional way. They have the Best Contractors that handle all the needs on their properties. For all your real estate needs give them a call." And they aren't alone in saying this. Being easy to work with is mentioned many times throughout the reviews for the company.

Realty Boulevard

7510 Longley Lane Reno, NV 89511

Realty Boulevard is a comprehensive real estate company, working as an agent for both buyers and sellers, as well as for tenants and income property owners. The company will carefully select the right tenant for either commercial or residential space, draw up lease agreements and ensure that rent and any fees are collected. A professional property management company has the knowledge to properly handle the entire leasing process in accordance with landlord-tenant laws. As part of the service from Realty Boulevard, property owners can rest assured that their properties will be well-maintained and inspected regularly. For tenants, they have easy access to pay rent online as well as file repair tickets. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

The wealth of knowledge that the team at Realty Boulevard has, including buying, selling and leasing, gives them a unique perspective on what makes a good income property and how to match tenants and landlords together. One customer that understands both owning and renting raves, "Realty Boulevard gave me excellent customer service and made me feel like a priority. Amber and her awesome staff have been great! I appreciate their speedy response and follow-up to my inquiries. I have been a renter and a homeowner and I would strongly recommend Realty Boulevard to anyone in the rental market! "

Reno Country Properties

10725 Double R Boulevard, Suite B Reno, NV 89521

Sales, rentals, and full-service property management are provided by Reno Country Property real estate firm. The company features tenant procurement services for landlords of residential properties and multi-family units. Part of the service for apartment complexes includes maintaining community areas such as lawns and pools. Swift vetting of tenants and connections in the Reno real estate business ensures that properties don't stay vacant for long. The company will also handle repair and maintenance for the property owner and coordinate deposits, rent collection, and evictions in accordance with Nevada law. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

A wealth of experience from the professional team at Reno Country Properties ensures that every client has an expert to help them with their sales or leasing needs.

Reno Property Management

1575 Delucchi Lane, Suite #224 Reno, NV 89502

Reno Property management has worked with both homeowners and commercial property owners for over 30 years, matching them with the right tenants. They also work with apartment complexes and multi-family units. Services include both property management and sales, making it easy for those with investment properties to sell when the time is right. This company also works with Homeowners Associations in the metro area to ensure that community guidelines are followed, dues are paid on time, and the community spaces are clean and well-maintained. An easy-to-use tenant portal allows lessees to pay rent on time, request repairs or report emergencies. The company also handles vacancies and evictions, where necessary. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

Open communication with their clients from Reno Property Management gives both owners and tenants peace of mind. Homeowners state, "We could not be happier with our personal property manager."

Ross Rentals

PO Box 40516 Reno, NV 89504

Ross Rentals has a rich history of helping families find the perfect rental home in the Reno area, as they've been in business since 1947. In that time, they've learned what makes a good tenant, giving owners peace of mind that their investment will yield returns. They've also watched the market ebb and flow and can help investors diversify to add to their profile. Part of the property management services includes conducting home showings and handling all financial and legal aspects of the lease process. Tenants are able to pay rent easily online, through a portal, and also file maintenance requests. For emergency repairs, the company is responsive around the clock. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

Ross Rentals take pride in making sure that each client is satisfied and happy in their new home.

Shoenberger & Shoenberger

1665 Lakeside Drive, #102 Reno, NV 89509

Owners can find reliable tenants and tenants can find a comfortable home through the services provided by Shoenberger & Shoenberger. The property management company is full-service, meaning that they'll advertise for property owners and conduct background checks and interview tenants. Financial responsibilities are also included, such as holding deposits in escrow, collecting rents and presenting accounting reports to the property owner. Whether it's one home to lease or a full complement of single-family homes, condos and even commercial properties, this company handles every aspect with expertise and professional knowledge. All maintenance, including emergencies, is handled by Shoenberger & Shoenberger. It also handles all communication with tenants, including eviction should that arise. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

The breadth of knowledge that owner George has about the Reno market has helped him encourage clients to invest in properties with a good return. Many satisfied clients enjoy the personalized service and attention to detail from George and his team. One especially raves, "George’s input was vital to my being able to make a decision about whether I should invest or not."

Stark & Associates Commercial Real Estate

9855 Double R Boulevard, Suite 200 Reno, Nevada 89521

Stark and Associates is based in Reno, serving the northern Nevada area for property management services. The company offers professional property management services for residential and commercial real estate investors, from tenant selection to legal and financial responsibilities. Maintenance is also the responsibility of Stark & Associates, which is requested by tenants through an online portal. To protect the property owners' investments and ensure tenant safety, emergency repairs are also provided. All aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship are communicated through the company, in compliance with state and federal laws, including eviction should that be necessary. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

Previous clients say things like "Not being from the area he was a wealth of knowledge" and "They are a great Company to work with."

Truckee Meadows Property Management

1135 Terminal Way, #106 Reno, NV 89502

Truckee Meadows is locally owned and operated, which may be a relief for landlords and homeowners, as they can be confident that they will always be dealing with a decision-maker. The company has a small, well-curated portfolio of homes in the Reno area, almost all of which are less than 15 years old. Tenants looking for a property management company to help them find a house can confidently work with Truckee, knowing that they'll only be shown homes in good condition. Other services the company offers include online rent pay and maintenance requests and, for homeowners, full-service care and maintenance of their property and proper screening of tenants. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

Truckee Meadows holds the respect of Reno's owner-investors, renters and their peers, thanks in part to broker Judy Cook's vast knowledge of the industry. In fact, she teaches other property managers across the nation and is an expert in owner-tenant laws.

Welcome Home Real Estate & Property Management

10399 Double R Boulevard, #101 Reno, NV 89521

Property owners have tiered options when it comes to booking service with Welcome Home Real Estate & Property Management. They may choose simply to use the tenant procurement service, which advertises for vacancies, screens tenants and drafts a lease, allowing the owner to manage the property directly with the tenants. Or investment owners may choose full-service property management, either for one house, an apartment complex, or a diverse portfolio of income properties. This includes maintaining shared spaces like landscaping or pools, tenant evaluation, rent collection, evictions and minimizing vacancies. Home Party Management also takes care of routine maintenance and emergency repairs, keeping each property in good condition for the owner and tenant. ...Read More

What customers are saying:

In-depth knowledge of the Reno real estate market and exemplary effort on behalf of the landlord are what make clients rave about the services from Welcome Home. Says one homeowner, "Erika Lamb is AWESOME., We used her to rent our house out. She is extremely efficient, reliable, kind and works extremely hard."

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